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Song Jae Rim dissing his own cat 

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바쿤 슨생님이었던 이종석, 김탄의그녀 박신혜가
'내그녀'의 후속드라마 ★피노키오★에 전격 출연!
벌써부터 심장을 부여잡아야 하는 느낌이야…하..

☞’너목들’의 박혜련 작가님 작품이라능!!
☞심쿵 주의/심장 저격 조심/Heart Beat Stop주의
☞’피노키오’ 어떤 내용?»http://goo.gl/QTdY59

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#너목들 #박혜련 #심쿵준비 #SBS

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[Photo+Video] 14/09/2014 Lee Jong Suk @ Fan Meeting in Seoul

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Translation note: This is an editor’s note.

I’ve seen a man — he is not afraid of change and dares to challenge himself. He is Lee Jong Suk.

Truthfully, I’ve known him since before he became an actor. These few years, I’ve always seen him as a cute dongsaeng, up until the shooting of this editorial. To put it plainly, this editorial was completed between the two of us, from beginning to end. On the meeting for discussing ideas for the editorials, he even came up with his own ideas. I am so thankful to him… to put it more exaggeratedly, I’m so thankful to him that I was crying inside.

He suggested an editorial look that was a breakthrough for him; beisdes exaggerated make-up and hairstyle, he even suggested we try a modern art style. Therefore, we decided! Decided! That we would show his manly side and his creative side completely!

Actually, this was a big challenge for the creative team — from us editors, to the photographers, hairstylists and coordis. However, I had a blind (?) faith in him. Because he is the actor Lee Jong Suk who has a beautiful appearance, a perfect physique and his eyes can speak to the camera.

When we were hammering down the details with the photographer, he said with utmost confidence, “Let’s make a photoshoot that people will think of whenever they mention ‘Lee Jong Suk’.”

On the dayt of the shoot, from the moment he entered the studio until the moment he left, that unique, bright and innocent smile never left his face.

He said to us editors, “Noona, let’s do it all today. Whatever you want, we’ll do it all.” Thanks to him, my dream (?) was accomplished. I kept exclaiming during the shoot, so handsome, so sensual, perfect! With every ‘cut’ I called, he would change his poses and expressions without pause. The above pose is one of the many high fashion poses he created.

Finally, it was the moment we have all been waiting for, when he put on the extensions, the pinnacle of his creativity. The hairstylist first put a short wig on him, then he used further extensions to make him a man of sensuality. The make-up artist put red paint on his lips and hands, and even slathered white body paint on his body. The make-up was perfect and did justice to the 20 different ideas and brainstorm sessions we went through before the photoshoot.

An editorial that people will think of whenever they mention Jongsuk. I think we accomplished that. At least, for Lee Jong Suk and for us four staff members, we did it.

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[Photo] 23/09/2014 Lee Jong Suk @ GQ KOREA & MVIO 14 F/W

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매거진 'GQ'와 함께한
배우 이종석의 MVIO 14 F/W
스타일링 화보를 공개합니다!

이번 시즌을 책임질 이종석의
화보 속 스타일링이 궁금하다면,
클릭! → http://bit.ly/1ufhskV

본 화보는 GQ 10월호에서
만나보실 수 있습니다.

[이미지 출처: GQ 코리아]